Austin Gears is a social group for queer-identifying people created to connect, educate, and inform about various gear events in the Austin area. We have a public gathering on the first Saturday of every month called “Gear Night” where we welcome people who are interested in leather, rubber, uniform, sport, and all gear fetish to gather with us and connect with others.


We believe that Gear is a deeply personal choice. You define your own Gear. Whatever makes you feel good and gives you confidence. A few examples are leather, diapers, rubber, boots, gloves, sports kit, cowboy, wrestling singlet, underwear, sunglasses, animal play, a dog collar, and more; the list is always open to expansion. What are you into? What gear turns you on? Join us for Gear Night and show it off.


On the first Saturday of every month, we have a gear night that is hosted at The Austin Eagle located in Austin, Texas. We have three simple guidelines: 

1: You can wear whatever gear you like (even if there’s a theme). Participating in street clothes is fine too. 

2: Gear Night is a safe zone where people can express themselves with no fear of persecution. No one has a perfect body or perfect gear. Negative comments about someone’s physique or gear are frowned on. 

3: Respect all participants’ personal space.